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Jessica's Magical Journal

3rd January, 2006. 12:13 pm.

Today I am staying home from school. The first day back to school and I am missing it. In a way I sort of wish I went to school because I hate missing everything. My vacation went pretty well a few bad things, but I am over it. Christmas was really fun and I believe one of my favorite days was on Saturday night when Jaimee came over. It was just really relaxed and fun, but me and Jaimee always have fun. My other favorite day was Sunday night because a lot of my friends came over like Miriam, Allie, Sean, Lucia, Sam, Liam, Ryan and we just hung out and played poker. My vacation was pretty much good I got to hang out with my cousin Mackenzie and thats always fun. Woohoo!


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29th December, 2005. 11:19 pm.

Its getting to the point where I just dont want to talk to you anymore. You need to stop this, you know you do . I am getting sick of explaining "why" You know exactly who you are! Please, just stop!

Current mood: annoyed.

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28th December, 2005. 11:13 pm.

It was basically really fun with Jaimee tonight! End of story!!!

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26th December, 2005. 9:05 am.

Christmas was pretty awesome! I got a bundle of new things and i was like yeah biznitchesssssssss.I got a dvd player/vhs player. I got a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. I got a bunch of perfume,like Clinique Happy I was pretty damn happy when i got it. I got some cool clothes one shirt makes me look like a polar bear and I love it. A neat purse and a bunch of pjs which are my favorite! And ofcoarse some money which is a great persent! Well my vacation has been really sweet so far I am trying to make the best of it. I have hung out with a lot of people this vacation and it has been fun every time! Well thats bascailly my vacation so far!!! Peace

Current mood: satisfied.

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21st December, 2005. 3:23 pm.

Today was a really good day. I thought today was going to suck because I had two quizes and I forgot to do my homework, but suprisingly it was great. I am also pumped because tomorrow I dont really have any classes except for Algebra woohoo my favorite. But all my classes are having parties so I am pretty fortunate. Last night I watched Emily rose it was pretty much the weirdest movie ever, but i enjoyed it. I am so excited for christmas i cant believe it. I dont really know what I am so excited for because Christmas isn't the same as it was when i believed in santa. I think the magic has gone away. Oh and celeste got me the cutest present today it was a monkey hat, a monkey scarf, and mokey mittens I was sooo happy!!!! Also Jaimeeeeeeeee got me a cute present also it was a 25 gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. I dont know what the hell her secret is, but i basically love it. I am so thankful to have great friends PEACE OUT!

Current mood: happy.

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18th December, 2005. 1:32 pm.

Today is an Ok day so far...nothing really has happened. I went to the SPCA this morning, that was pretty exciting. Last night i basically kind of had a little party, no BIG, it was pretty fun I enjoyed it. I enjoyed getting ready for it also. I had some pretty kick ass people over and it was fun. Thats basically it for the weekend other than working on projects, but i have to be thankful that this week is the last week of school before x-mas vacation! WOOOHOOO! Ok peace out!

Current mood: relaxed.

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16th December, 2005. 8:35 pm.

It's friday and I was pretty pumped to have a snow day, but when I realized there was no snow and it was raining I was pretty confused. So today was pretty boring, but luckily a loser by the name of Jaimee came over my house to cheer me up! So life has been pretty good lately, except for a few things that have been bothering me, that I wont mention. I am pumped cause my brother is home and even though he goes to UNH it still feels like he is far away and it's good to have him home for a while. Christmas is coming so soon and it's so fun and cheerful I can't wait. I think thats about it for today! PEACE

Current mood: WOOT!!.

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